@since: 2.2 > @api-version: 2.0 > Dependencies: OpenPdf


The implementation of this PDF generator is very basic and the usage is also as simple. It allows to generate an PDF from an HTML String. The result is a document in the European Norm Size A4. With this functionality you are be able to render PDF in your application for billing or other reports.


String html = "<h1>My First PDF Document</h1 > <p>"
                + StringUtils.generateLoremIpsum(0) + "</p>";

PdfRenderer pdf = new OpenPdfRenderer();
pdf.setTitle("OpenPDF test document");
pdf.setAuthor("Elmar Dott");
pdf.setSubject("JUnit test");
pdf.setKeywords("test, junit5, openPDF");
pdf.renderDocumentFromHtml("test.pdf", html);

// load a existing PDF
PdfReader document = pdf.loadDocument(new File("/document.pdf"));
int size = document.getNumberOfPages();

// manipulate PDF
PdfDocument reduced = pdf.removePage(document, 1, 5);
pdf.writeDocument(reduced, "/reduced.pdf");